Topmost Motorcycle Racing Bikes

motorcycle racing bikes

The topmost motorcycle racing bikes have the special engines and make to assist them in racing at a crazy speed. Not every bike can be used for racing. There are some companies which manufacture the topmost bikes. Here is a list.

2020 Suzuki SV650


This motorcycle is one of the most recommended beginner bikes. It is lightweight, comfortable and even comes with a willing engine that is easy to work on. It has a soul of a GSX-R650R and it is quite easy to ride. This one is a perfect all-rounder bike that can quickly go screaming on a straightway and can also be used for comfortable city commute. It is an inexpensive bike when compared to others on the list.

2020 Kawasaki Ninja 400


This is one of the greatest pure track bike that you can ever try and test. It is also a great beginner bike, but unlike SV650, this one is a sports bike and not a jack of all trades. The key difference is power deliver. It delivers a monster-like performance once you pass 600 RPM. Once  you get into the RPM, you can ride this one like a pro. This bike is also quite forgiving and comes with high pegs that are high enough to frame the bike. You can also get quite decent lean angles.

2020 Ducati Panigale V2

From Ducati, this monster bike is the best bike for racing. It begs to be taken on a track and raced. It also is easy to control and this is because the company made it a little held back. This bike comes with a 955 cc engine to get a 155 HP from it. It’s engine is adjusted to give an instant response but the liner power across the engine might be a little less. 

2020 BMW S1000RR

This BMW bike was originally designed to be a homologation special in 2009 as they made their first entry to World SBK championship. After that, many upgrades have resulted in a 2020 model that feels more at home on the track than on the city road. This bike has a 207 HP from 999cc. It weighs less than 400 lbs. The race model is in its driver aids control that dials back the ABS, stability control and traction control. It lets the rider feel more through the bike and also helps to kick them at full power. 

2020 Yamaha YZF-R6

This one is the ultimate track motorcycle for racing. The R6 was designed right from the very beginning as an uncompromising motorcycle racing machine. It has better parts, better frame  than its siblings in the R1, R3 and R1M models. The R6 has made a name for itself as a track bike. It is a purpose-built bike. It’s torque kicks only after 8000 RPM of its current 16000 RPm has been used.

These are some of the topmost motorcycle racing bikes you should know about.

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