Top 4 Tips To Stay Safe While Riding Motorcycle

Top 4 Tips To Stay Safe While Riding Motorcycle

Riding a motorbike has an unfathomable feel of romanticism in it. This urge to ride a bike is quickly spreading as more and more people are deciding to buy and ride motorbike with every single passing day. But many people tend to get lost in the fun and forget that motorbike is a vehicle too and if they get careless, they might face serious consequences.

And as a motorcyclist, you’re more likely to get involved in an accident than any other form of transportations. In fact, according to the Hurt Report, around 96% of all single-vehicle accidents have at least one motorcyclist involved or injured.

In this article, we are going to share the top four safety tips so you can stay safe while riding a motorcycle.

So, let’s dive in…

Wear A Proper Helmet

Top 4 Tips To Stay Safe While Riding Motorcycle

It’s true that we have different helmet laws in different states and countries. But all of them surely say one simple thing: always wear a helmet that covers your full face. But despite that, people still mess with the law and avoid helmets while riding a motorcycle using one excuse or other.

Some say it blocks their vision, hearing(It’s a lie), and others say that it violates their basic rights.

But all they are doing is putting their own lives in danger by avoiding wearing a proper helmet. In the US, helmets saved nearly 2,000 people who got involved in a motorcycle accident in 2008. And according to NHTSA, over 800 more people could have been alive today if they wore a helmet.

But even if you’re wearing a helmet, you can’t just choose any helmet. In the US, you must use helmets with chin-guards which are approved by DOT. Meanwhile, you must have a CE mark on your helmet to make sure it follows the right safety standards.

Don’t Ever Stare At The Skies

If you have ever driven a car on a lonely highway, then you have probably experienced the urge to put all the worries aside and just look at the sky. And the same thing might also happen when you’re riding a motorbike. However, motorbikes are a bit different. Unlike the cars, if you get careless even for a fraction of a second, you might end up in a bed counting pricey hospital bills that will break your bank.

To avoid this, you must keep your mind engaged on the road all the time. Make sure you keep monitoring the road and look out for potential risks. This way, even if some traffic problems come in your way, you can get rid of that pretty easily. This will also help you keep your eyes away from the skies and you will stay safer.

Keep The Alcohol Away

Top 4 Tips To Stay Safe While Riding Motorcycle

There is one simple rule about drinking and driving, and yet many people seem to be unable to follow it. The rule is that you should never drive a car or bike when you drink alcohol. And motorcyclists should abide by this rule even more than the car drivers.

According to a 2009 report, nearly 29% of all the fatal motorcycle accidents were caused because the rider had consumed excessive amounts of alcohol before riding their motorbike.

When you consume alcohol, it drastically slows your reaction time and impairs your ability to make quick and right judgments. As a result, if you drive after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, you might make a lot of mistakes while driving. And because of your slow reaction time, you might not be able to recover from them in time. This is exactly what causes most of the accidents.

Moreover, motorcyclists are 50% more likely to get involved in an accident compared to the car or truck drivers if they drink and drive.

So, if you’re planning to ride a motorbike, you shouldn’t gobble down alcohol at all. Your family members will definitely appreciate it.

Practice Not To Get Panicked

In a perfect world, every car and other vehicles are driving in a perfect harmony following the rules. And riding a motorcycle is a breeze where all you have to think of is your destination. But that’s not the case. In reality, if you’re riding a motorbike, you pretty much always have to dodge off other vehicles on the road to avoid potential accidents.

And these situations are sure to get you panicked. And when these panic arises inside you, you’re more in danger than car drivers as a motorcyclist. As a motorcyclist, you have to twist your body and have a good grip on your handles and brake to not lose balance and get away from the danger. And these things won’t come naturally if panic strikes every now and then.

Therefore, make sure you prepare your mind well enough to fight these situations of panic. Practice more and more and eventually, you will be able to conquer the panic and stay safe.

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