Top 10 Must-Have Motorcycle Gear

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If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and like to go on long rides, you must be aware of some necessary motorcycle gears. Some gears are to be worn, some to carry your stuff, and some others make your ride more enjoyable and comfortable.Some such must-have motorcycle gear are mentioned below:

Leather Motorcycle Gear

One of the best uses of leather is motorcycle raiment. Genuine leather is durable, supple, and highly abrasion-resistant. Motorcycle racers opt to wear leather garments in action as it protects their body from any mishap or injury. The modern leather garments are well-padded and are equipped with an airbag too for better safety.

Top 10 Must-Have Motorcycle Gear
Top 10 Must-Have Motorcycle Gear

Cargo Net With Bungee Hook Motorcycle Gear

Cargo nets are a must for your motorcycle to carry necessary stuff. They keep even heavy loads intact even during jerking.

Locking Saddlebags Motorcycle Gear

Locking saddlebag is a box, bag, or basket attached to the backside of a motorcycle. You can keep your valuables here, as it has a locking system.

Airhawk And Bead Seats

Airhawk and bead seats are suitable for a comfortable long ride. They have interconnecting air cells that automatically keep on adjusting while you ride. They keep you away from sweat as well.


Earplugs are an important motorcycle gear. They protect your ears from wind, dust, and noise. Too much wind and noise can hamper your hearing ability. Even when you wear a helmet, your ears are not fully protected. So, go for earplugs and keep your ears safe and sound.

Condura Jackets

The fabrics used in condura are made of nylon and mixed with cotton and some natural fibers. Condura jackets are a perfect solution to keep yourself dry in the rain. The charm of riding on your motorcycle in the rain is simply unmatchable. But rain is no longer a spoilsport when you have Cordura jackets for protection.

Heated Seats, Gear And Grips

Heated grips, seats, and gears are significant motorcycle gears, especially if you are riding in advanced cold weather. Your fingers tend to get numb if there is too much cold and wind. With the help of the heated grips, you can instantly acquire the much-needed warmth for a comfortable ride. The same is the case with gears and seats.

Top 10 Must-Have Motorcycle Gear
Top 10 Must-Have Motorcycle Gear

Cruise Control

It does not really come in the category of motorcycle gears, but it plays an important part in making your ride more enjoyable and carefree. Cruise control takes full charge of controlling the fuelling the engine by letting it hold to the set speed.

GPD, Communicators or GoPro

During your ride, it is not advisable to use a mobile phone. But sometimes, to trace the right direction, we need to refer to our phones. But with the introduction of GoPro, you need not worry at all about it. Simply plunge it into your ears and let Siri guide you the right way.

Full – Face Modular Helmets

The most important of all motorcycle gears is the full face modular helmet. It gives a complete protection to your head and protects the face from dust, dirt, and insects.

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