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Norton Motorcycle News

Norton motorcycles have been in the market for a long time and are a preferred brand by many when it comes to motorcycles. It is the most loved British motorcycle brand and has many exciting and great features to it. The motorcycle comes with a powerful look and the style is unique among its competitors. The customer reviews Norton has received over the past years are a testimony to the success of the brand.

The Service Department of Norton Is Now Fully Operational

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Norton motorcycle had a tough time some years back and the company has again regained focus and has resumed its services. The brand is expected to comprehend for the lapse of the previous years with superior quality and greater performance. All the wings of the company like services, repairs, and parts will start to function normally. The automobile industry is looking keen on the performance of Norton.

The coming back of the Most Loved British motorcycle Brand

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Norton announced that they have tied up with the TVS motor company and in the future will be providing services in this regard. The move is considered to be beneficial for the Norton company as it tries to capture more customers with the tie

up. TVS being one of the leaders in the market is the best choice for Norton. One can expect more features and capabilities with the newly released bikes.

V4 SS Carbon Bodywork

Norton V4 SS comes with carbon bodywork and red color. It is a great combination for any motorcycle and looks stylish and cute. The red color showing off in the wheels just gives a stunning feeling for the viewer and the performance matches with the exterior designs. The bike is heavy and has a compact finish. Anyone interested in power riding can obviously try Norton.

The Hand Built Norton Chassis

The tube forms the main structure of the bike and is lightweight and strong. These tubes are hand polished and fettled. There is one more polishing before the final production. The Building of a chassis takes time and skilled personnel is necessary. Altogether from start to finish, it takes 150 hours of cutting, polishing, and welding to build a chassis.

The Incredible Journey of Norton

The first Norton bike was released in 1902 and the last one was recent. The company has a history of more than 120 years and is one of the oldest players in the market. The bikes of Norton have undergone many drastic changes over the years and it has been a great journey. For a motorcycle company to survive in the industry for such a long time is highly appreciable and shows the success of the company.


Norton motorcycle is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the industry and has a very good customer rating. The company has had some ups and downs in recent years and has made a strong comeback.

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