The Best Motorcycles To Buy As Your First Bike

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Motorcycles have always been the trend of the modern world. From fancy bikes to economic ones, motorcycles have stayed at the top of priorities. In this segment, we talk about the best motorcycles that you can actually name your first. The range of bikes you can choose from is vast but the quality is excellent!

The Best Motorcycles To Buy As Your First Bike

The Indian FTR 1200: The Fancy Attraction!

With a base price of over 13000 USD, the Indian FTR 1200 tops the list of the best motorcycles you can buy this year. A 1200cc engine is a prime attraction. The brand has been relaunched in 2013 and it has displayed great success thereafter. The features of the motorcycle are pretty good. Also, according to the international market, the price is quite reasonable.

This bike is a sub-500 pound model and is a big challenge during offroad riding. However, the bike has great durability and can accelerate to 100kmph in 8 seconds!

Harley Davidson Iron 1200: The Complete Package

With the brand name of a beast, Harley Davidson has been delivering success for decades now. The Harley Davidson Iron 1200 is a promising motorcycle of 2019 with superb capability. The base price of the best motorcycle of 2019 is 10000 USD. The motorcycle has an 800+ twin engine which makes it a complete package. It has very comfortable handlebars too.

The Best Motorcycles To Buy As Your First Bike
The Best Motorcycles To Buy As Your First Bike

The Honda CB300R: The Economy Beast!

This 300-cc class bike is a legend in itself. It is specially designed for the daily commuter. Its robust and ergonomic design makes it special. The Honda CB300R can be driven efficiently on rough terrains as well. There are two models of this bike: with an ABS brake and one without an ABS brake. For a tall rider, the bike is very efficient and compatible, like the touch of an unicorn.

Even if you are facing a budget cut, this bike will not dig a hole in your pocket. With a base price of 4500 USD, this motorcycle is a promising 2019 model that will certainly fulfill your expectations.

The Royal Enfield Continental: One of A Kind

The GT Royal Enfield is a power-packed motorcycle with promising capacity. A 650-cc engine with a dynamic design, the Royal Enfield Continental GT is an all-in-one. Ergonomic design, robust detailing, sturdiness. durability and what not. The look of the motorcycle is straightaway cut-out from the 70’s bike posters but the advanced tech is inserted within. Not many Enfields can be seen around with such glamour as the Continental GT. Also, a base price of 6000 USD is not a very hefty sum of money for a bike-lover to pay!

For first time riders, these bikes may seem too glossy to ride but these are like a one-time investment. The sturdy nature of these bikes make them a top priority for buyers but they can rummage through other options as well. For example, Yamaha YZF R-3 is also a good and sturdy motorcycle but its rating is way below these top-notch bikes.

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