Speed Past Traffic With Moto Rider

Speed Past Traffic With Moto Rider

Sometimes, while riding our motorcycles on the road, we feel an adrenaline rush. It is as if we want to speed past all that traffic and tell everyone how good we are. However, it is illegal in most countries since it is very dangerous. Therefore, we have an exciting game that will give you the thrill of racing in traffic with moto rider. This game is available only on the Google Play Store by Huskalmm.com so far. Dive in further with us for a detailed review.

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Speed Past Traffic With Moto Rider

Moto Rider Gameplay

The game, moto rider, is a traffic avoidance game. In other words, you’ll have to race against traffic. The endless mode is the first mode that gets unlocked when you install this game. You will have a limited time in which you have to reach the checkpoint before your fuel runs out. Also, near misses give you a tiny amount of additional fuel.

Later, you’ll eventually unlock the career mode where you’ll progress through the career by completing goals.

Game Mechanics

The mechanics are pretty simple.

  • You will have to ride a road having traffic.
  • Also, your speed will keep on increasing.
  • Every near miss on the road will land you with additional points
  • However, colliding will reduce your speed and your chance of winning or completing the race.
Speed Past Traffic With Moto Rider
Speed Past Traffic With Moto Rider

Moto Rider Graphics

The graphics are pretty high for a 77mb game. Another important thing is the attention to detail. There are rearview mirrors that show the vehicles that you passed. Also, there are dynamic reflections on the bikes when you see them in the garage. However, sometimes, the image distorts while seen from the mirrors.

Another thing that you may not like is that there is not any visible physical damage. However, this game will run smoothly on almost all of today’s smartphones. Furthermore, it is not much taxing and will not cause any performance lags.


There are three control options available:

  • Automatic or Manual acceleration
  • Manual steering with on-screen controls
  • Motion sensor-based steering

For us, all the controls do what they say. However, we recommend using the motion sensor with automatic steering for beginners. Smartphone gamers, on the other hand, can use the touch- control steering option as it provides control.

Speed Past Traffic With Moto Rider
Speed Past Traffic With Moto Rider

Various Career Modes

There are 19 different motorcycles to choose from in moto rider. Also, there are a variety of career options from which you can choose. They are:

  • Endless Mode: The endless mode has continuous roads with traffic. So, your goal here is to survive for as long as you can. Also, if you complete this mode, you’ll get the title of street motorcycle champion.
  • Time Trial: The time trial pits you up against time in a single two-way lane. Therefore, you need to boost your way up to the finish before time runs out.
  • Chase Racing: In this mode, you are chased by the world’s top riders. Therefore, be the first one to finish.
  • Escape: Overspeeding often lands us in trouble. In this mode, escape a police car to win.
  • Elimination: In elimination, you have to surpass your opponents. Furthermore, you have to reach the limits on time and destroy the opponents.
  • Track Racing: In track racing, you can only win if you maintain a safe distance from the target. Therefore, ride carefully.

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