Safety Tips To Observe While Riding The Bad News Bears Motorcycle

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The Harley Davidson Z90 motorcycles, a series of HD motorcycles, were made from 1973 through to 1975. It is otherwise called the Bad News Bears motorcycle. This is because it got known for being the transport medium of Kelly Leak in Bad News Bears.

Riding a motorcycle can be fun and adventurous, but can mostly be dangerous if the right safety precautions are not followed. Estimations made by several agencies haven proven motorcyclists to be more likely to die in accidents, than those in cars. Hence, you need to follow the necessary safety tips. We discuss safety tips to observe while riding the Bad News Bears motorcycle.

Take A Safety Course Before You Start Riding

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Simce motorcycles are much easier to drive than other forms of transport, cyclists just hop on them without going through the right process. You need to take a safety course to get you ready for life on a motorcycle.

The safety course will teach you the road rules to follow as a motorcyclist. You also will learn the necessary actions you should take for any unforeseen situation you may encounter on the road. Simply put, taking a safety course helps you hone your skill, and make good judgement on the road.

Take Note Of The Weather Before Riding Always

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Some weather conditions should see you inside rather than out on your motorcycle. When rain, ice and snow is forecast, you should probably leave your motorcycle indoors, and use another means of transport for the day.

Rain, ice and snow makes riding a motorcycle much harder. Trying to keep riding in these conditions may not bode well. There is less traction between your motorcycle and the road, unlike a car, and hence you are more prone to getting involved in an accident. 

Wear The Necessary Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle gear is there to enhance your safety, so do not joke with them. They protect you from elements, debris, and road rash you will get exposed to while riding on the road.

These gear includes a helmet, goggles, non-slip gloves, leather jacket, leather pants, and boots that go over the ankle.

Check Out Your Motorcycle Before Riding Every Day

Inspecting your motorcycle daily will enable you to confirm the functionalities. This habit will further keep you safe. Check if the following are all functioning and at par; the headlights, taillights, brakes, turn signals, mirrors, horn and more.


Riding a bike can be fun and adventurous, especially when it’s the Bad News Bears motorcycle. However, it still is extremely dangerous if the right precautions are not taken. We discuss some safety tips to observe while riding the Bad News Bears motorcycle.

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