Rules To Remember For A Safe Ride

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If you are a new motorcyclist, there are a few rules you should always keep in mind while going for a ride. Depending on the country and state you live, rules and laws can vary. However, there are always some basic rules that you can follow for a safe ride. Here the rules go that you can follow to obey the traffic law and stay safe on the road.

Rules To Remember For A Safe Ride
Rules To Remember For A Safe Ride

Return To Pedestrians When You See Other Vehicles On The Roadway- Safe Ride!

If you find cars or other vehicles are stopped or going slow ahead of you and you are approaching them, yield yourself until it feels safe to pass. Just like cars and other vehicles on the road, as a cyclist, you are also bound to yield to pedestrians.

Go With The Flow Of Traffic

No matter what the circumstances are, just like other vehicles, you too need to follow all the traffic rules. When you are riding, you require to go in the same direction as the traffic flow. That means, you should always ride on the right sight and utilize it as and whenever required.

Don’t Ride On The Side Walk

If you ride your bike on the sidewalk, it can create discomfort for the people who are walking on the sidewalk. Moreover, this can make you less visible when you are turning vehicles on the road. This situation can create an unfortunate bicycle-car accident.

Obey All The Traffic Signals As Well As The Signs

Take care of the signals and traffic conditions. You can’t proceed when it’s lighting red in the signal board neither can you enter a crosswalk when pedestrians are walking. No matter whether you are riding a bike or driving a car, these all fall under traffic violations. To keep yourself and your bike safe, just follow all the traffic rules carefully.

Yield Before Turning To The Left

You will need to the left side of the road when encountering an obstacle or something. When you need to do so, you require to yield to approach vehicles that are moving at a high speed. To avoid a collision, hold a straight line and find your safe space.

Use Hand Signals When Required- Safe Ride!

Many states suggest cyclists display hand signals to alert other vehicles of their purpose. If your cycle does not come with a strong horn or something that would catch people’s attention, you need to use hand signals. This will inform other vehicles that you are about to turn and will help you ride safely without unnecessary collisions.

Gears You Should Try- Safe Ride!

Sometimes you need to purchase additional gears to ensure your safety. A helmet is a must but other than that, you can use lights and reflectors, clothes that are highly visible, bike bell, helmet mirrors, etc. Helmet mirrors are pretty popular in urban areas that help to avoid dangers.

Rules To Remember For A Safe Ride
Rules To Remember For A Safe Ride

Do you have a suggestion to share with us about a safe ride in traffic? Also, please tell us if we missed any important rules.

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