Necessary Motorcycle Shop Equipment

motorcycle shop equipment

Here are some names of types of equipment which you must have when you are going to repair a motorcycle in your workshop.

Pressure Gauge 

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The most obvious part of your motorcycle is your motorcycle tires; they are often overlooked. It is important to maintain the conditions of your motorcycle tires as it is the part that makes contact with the road all time. With the help of a pressure gauge, you can determine whether your Tyres need more air or less and also enjoy safe riding as well. 

Torque wrench 

A motorcycle is made from hundreds of spare parts into one with hundreds of bolts and nuts. In performing routine maintenance, you need to take them apart, and sometimes you need to fasten them. A torque wrench will help you to do this job perfectly to fasten and unfasten your motorcycle nuts and bolts.


Screwdrivers are very useful for a lot of things, not only for your motorcycle but it is also an important tool for screws and unscrews.

Socket Wrenches

Socket wrenches are a very important tool for motorcycle or any other vehicle maintenance; the main work of socket wrenches is to fasten and unfasten the sockets.

Bike stand

When you are working on motorcycle maintenance, you need to take the tires off the body. And bike side stand allows you to do that.


Oil is very basic maintenance. You can depend on your manual to complete the task.

Oil Catch Pan

It is a very easy task even for a beginner to change a motorcycle, but you can not dispose of used oil in any place because this oil is dangerous for the environment, and oil catch Pan will help you to store this used oil.

Chain Breaker Riveter

When you are going to change your motorcycle chain, Chin breaker and riveted will help you to do this easily.


Motorcycles need some lubricant to ease the friction between their parts that keep them long-lasting and smoother to move.


You need pliers to pull and pinch objects at different angles in motorcycles.

Nylon And Wire Brush

For cleaning and scrubbing the motorcycle parts, a nylon wire brush with gloves is used while touching Greece, and dirty parts of your motorcycle.  These are good to have and help you in many ways.

Mechanic Gloves

It is important to use gloves while you are touching greasy and dirty parts of your motorcycle.

Service Manual 

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They are very useful anytime you need some help. The Service Manual will help you step by step in detail about every aspect of your motorcycle and its functions.


Here is some basic equipment that presents in a motorcycle shop to repair motorcycles and make them achieve maximum performance when someone uses them.

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