Motorcycle Tire Reviews – How to Choose the Right Ones

dual sport motorcycle tires reviews

Motorcycle tires reviews may be as important to motorcycle riders as seat cushions, bike accessories and helmets are to the average biker. Motorcycle tires are what make that critical maneuvering, jumping and diving between rides easy, whether it’s an off road trip with your mountain bike or a leisurely ride through the suburbs. Choosing the right type of tire can mean the difference between an unsafe journey or a fun trip where you go at your own pace. Motorcycle tires are no exception to this rule.

Motorcycle tires are divided into three categories for the purpose of comparison when it comes time to make a decision on which type of tire is best suited for your motorbike. These three categories include radial tires, two-layers, and four-layers. Radials are designed to have only a single layer of tread, which is typically a smooth plastic layer with very little tread depth. This style of tire provides the minimum amount of traction necessary for safe motorcycle travel.

An Overview

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Two-layers have two layers of tread. A newer version of these two-layers have become known as the ‘rapid-action’ lacing system. The rubber in these tires has a tighter grain for added grip, but the layer is not very wide. This makes them ideal for cruising, but does restrict the ability to quickly change direction. Four-layers have four individual layers of rubber tread, with each layer providing a different level of grip for different speeds.

Dual sport motorcycle tires are designed for speed, traction and protection all in one. Unlike the two-layers, they do not have a second inner layer to add additional traction to uneven or sandy conditions. This style of tire allows better control while cornering and faster cornering speeds due to the wider width of the rubber tread. In addition, the larger size of the tire leads to better weight distribution, which helps the bike corner more efficiently.

Motorcycle Tire Reviews

When shopping for these tires, it’s important to compare different manufacturers. Some specialize in producing dual sport tires, but many others sell a broader range of tires. Many of the higher quality tires manufacturers also make other types of tires like street tires and performance tires. Compare the differences between the brands to find the right tire for your needs. Read reviews of each manufacturer’s products to find out if others who have purchased similar products to find the company to be reliable and dependable.

When looking at prices, make sure that you are getting a good deal. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. It’s important to remember that while you may think that you have found the best deal on a particular brand, you may be getting an inferior product. Double check that the price is not too high and that there is a decent warranty on the product.

Dual sport tires come in a wide variety of sizes, treading patterns, and hardness. Choose a tire with enough traction for where you will be riding it. This is especially important when you are going down a gravel or dirt path. You need to be able to feel your tires’ traction on the dirt. You also want a tire with enough rolling strength to handle the bumps that can sometimes occur during the course of a ride.

In The End

Dual sport motorcycles are an excellent choice for people who enjoy taking the road on an open highway. They provide a challenging ride with their larger diameter wheels and taller stroke. They are great for any type of terrain from smooth paved roads to rocky mountain trails. But more importantly, they allow you to travel with a group of friends easily, allowing everyone to share the fun together.

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