Motorcycle Seat Pad Reviews – How To Find The Best One For Your Bike

motorcycle seat pad reviews

If you’re not prepared for the extra stress involved with going over the details, just opt for one from motorcycle seat pad reviews instead.

First of all, you need to decide whether or not you prefer hard or soft gel pads. Hard gel pads are designed for long rides, like highway rides, on tough motorcycles where you’ll be sitting for hours. Soft gel pads, by contrast, are great for comfortable riding on short distance trips, like weekend camping trips. To get the best out of your motorcycle seats, look for motorcycle seat pad reviews that mention both kinds.


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Another factor to consider when reading motorcycle seat pad reviews is comfort. Are you looking for padding that provides more comfort or is it stiffer? Different padding types provide different levels of comfort, so you have to decide what you think will be most comfortable for you before shopping. For example, you may be used to riding on hard plastics, such as vinyl, which may feel uncomfortable after a while. Look for reviews of padded cushions that are made of softer materials. This will help you figure out what type of pad will provide you with the most comfort for the amount of money you’re willing to pay.

The material your seat is made of should also factor into your decision. Leather, for example, usually feels the best and offers the most comfort for long periods of time. However, it can be pricey. Some of the newer fabrics available, such as a memory foam seat cushion, are made of different materials but provide the same kind of comfort. You have to decide what the pros and cons of the different materials are for you.

Breathable Seat Cushions

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How does the material stay in place while you’re riding? Will it slip off if you aren’t careful? Breathable seat cushions are much easier to keep in place than ones that aren’t. The way they work is that they allow air to pass through them and keep your body cool and comfortable. If you can find a pad that allows this to happen, then you’ve got yourself a winner.

Next is design. Do the seats conform to your body or are they either very flat and boxy or very ergonomic. You want seats that are very comfortable but that also provide good support. Some are very flat and just fit your average sized body, while others provide good support but don’t sit too far forward or sit too low. Which one will work for you depends on your preference and personal comfort level.

The Seat Pads Have Non-Slip Features

Another factor to consider is whether or not the seat pads have non-slip features built in. This feature is most important if you plan on wearing motorcycle gloves and a helmet at the same time. A lot of the non-slip pads do not offer the kind of support that a pad with a strap will offer. There are even some models on the market today with built in wrist straps.

Motorcycle seats with straps are the most popular because of their convenience and comfort. Most bike owners like the fact that they can simply put the bike on the seat and ride away. Many of them also like the fact that the pad stays put and doesn’t slide around as much when you ride.


When the pad becomes wet or is otherwise damaged, a strap system comes into play to hold it in place until it dries. The straps are also a great feature for tall riders who need extra padding, since tall riders will find that the padding helps them maintain their height without having to add anything to the bike.

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