Motorcycle Repair Equipment- Buying Guide To The Same

motorcycle repair equipment

Do you love your bike more than your life? Is motorcycle riding your passion? If that is the case, then only driving is not enough as you need to maintain it in the optimum manner. It is quite rare to find someone with a bike which is very inept at maintaining the bike. Therefore you need to get hold of the best tools and techniques with which bike maintenance will be easier for you. Here are some of the best motorcycle repair equipment that you need to make it convenient for you to take care of your vehicle.

Nitrile Gloves-Motorcycle Repair Equipment

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You might have noticed this equipment in the case of some pro riders, and these special gloves really helps during the maintenance process. Every time you try repairing your bike, you will have to touch a lot of grease and dirt, which can be a bit annoying. These gloves will protect your hands, and you can get rid of all the lube and dust easily. Even the dirt under your fingernails will no longer be a problem and the harmful chemicals cannot touch your skin. So, investing in a good pair of nitrile gloves and keep them in the storage space of the bike will be a good choice.

Torque Wrench

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Now and then, you need to fasten the bolts so that the bike does not fall off. Learn the recommended settings for the bike so that the torque is always proper for the fasteners. Otherwise, there can be a rattling sound in the bike and also break down in the middle of the road. You will know that the rotation is perfect only when you hear the clicking sound – thereby, the wrench is one of the must-haves in your tool kit for sure.

Hammer-Motorcycle Repair Equipment

By hammer, we are not talking about the one that you would use to break things down. We are talking about a rubber mallet or a very small hammer, which will help put the things in the right position. It is quite surprising how often you will need them and put the loose parts in the perfect position. They are quite easy to get and also easy to carry, so why not invest in them?

Socket Wrench Set

Now we are getting to the heavy equipments which will do the major repairing for you. The wrench and socket will be the most used tool and this is one of the primary options that will help in the completion of the entire repair process. It is important that you mostly carry the 6 point sockets with T handles, but some others will do as well. You can get them easily in the markets- both online and offline. So grab them now!

Chain Breaker Tool-Motorcycle Repair Equipment

If you know the basics of repair, then there should be a chain breaker tool handy for you to use every now and then. Every 30000 miles the bike runs, you need to repair the chain and make sure that you refer to the user manual.


It is easy to go for the motorcycle repair when you have the correct equipments. So grab these equipments now and there will be no chance of regret.

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