Motorcycle Racing Videos – So Much To Learn

Motorcycle Racing Videos

Motorbike racing or motorcycle racing is a kind of sport where motorcycle races are done. Earlier motorcycle racing was done to prove who has a better engine or machine on the bike or a better racer or biker. But if we talk about today’s motorcycle racing, it has evolved drastically. Most importantly, rules and guidelines have been introduced into the game; drivers’ safety is ensured. Also, the manufacturers of motorbikes have started to introduce motorcycles that are specifically designed according to motorcycle racing needs. In India, Motorcycle racing is governed by a body named Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India or FMSCI. The highest governing body is Federation International de Motocyclisme or FIM. Let’s get started with the types of motorcycle racing.

Types Of Motorcycle Racing

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The FIM has categorized motorcycle racing into the following four categories –

Road racing


Endure and cross country

Track racing

Each category has several sub-categories like road racing includes Grand Prix, Sidecar racing, Superbike race, etc.

Motorcycle Racing Events

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On the whole, worldwide, motorcycle racing is held. This section of the article covers the top motorcycle racing events.

Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP),

SuperBike Racing

SuperSport Racing

Moto Cross

Supercross (SX)

True Road Racing, generally held in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and Macau.

Endurance Racing


Cross Country Rally Racing

Speedway Racing

Trials Racing, UK and Spain

Drag Racing

Hill Climb

Freestyle Motocross

Motorcycle Gymkhana, Japan

Pocket Bike Racing, Japan

Why Watch Motorcycle Racing Videos?

There are many videos uploaded on the internet for watching motorcycle racing. The most viewed video of motorcycle racing includes the races of Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP). It is the most premium race in the world. Generally, Kenny Roberts, Mike Hailwood, Valentino Rossi, Joey Dunlop, and Mick Doohan are loved by people and are famous. You can learn so much more with the help of these videos. In addition to that, these videos could be inspiring if you are trying to become a racer in your career.

Though you have a coach to help you with the training, some tricks from the legends can only be learned through videos, and you should not be missing out on that. It is always important to learn from the best. You need some motivation to work on something like racing and it is not always just mere training. It is about the strategies and the vibe you take to the road that makes you a better racer than your competitor and you need to remember that.


Motorcycle racing is one of the most interesting sports and is loved by bikers and the audience all over the world. Earlier, while these races were done just for fun or to prove who is better minus the guidelines and safety, now the safety, precautions, and guidelines have been introduced, and a platform is given to showcase the abilities and skills, keeping in mind that it is a healthy competition. Many bikers have lost their lives during these races, and hence precautions should be taken while motorcycle racing.

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