Motorcycle Racing Tires Guide

motorcycle racing tires

Motorcycle racing is an extreme sport enjoyed all over the world. It’s a perfect escape from the bustle of city life and is a great way to release stress. Motorcycle racing competitions are held in various countries. Some of these countries include Japan, Australia, Thailand, and the U.S. These countries provide a number of chances for aspiring riders to race their motorcycles on a track and show off their skills.

Every year, many racers make it to the end of the race season with a smile on their face. They have learned a lot during the season and are now ready to take on another challenge. One of these challenges is gaining the skill to choose the right kind of motorcycle racing tires. There are a number of things that should be considered when selecting these tires.

Important Thing To Consider

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For those who compete on a track day event, the most important thing to consider is the kind of traction of the tires will have while on the racetrack. There are two different kinds of traction available on most motorcycle racing tires. The first is a true all-around tire that provides maximum grip on any road and comes in various sizes and configurations. The other kind of traction available is slicks.

A slickset is typically taller and wider than all-around racing tires. These are great for getting traction when the road is wet or slick. These tires do have drawbacks though. A disadvantage is that a rider may ride faster on slicks than he would on all-around racing tires, but on a track, slicks can be more dangerous than a flat-out race tire.

Another thing that is important to consider for trackday riders is the tire warm up. Some racers like to go fast before the race and have their tires warm up on the inside of the circle. Others prefer to warm up on the outside of the circle so that they can make the move as the track starts to dry out. These racers usually choose an anti-snow compound tire warmer to reduce the rate at which the tires get slick during a run.

Motorcycle Racing Tires Pattern

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The tread pattern on the motorcycle tires also has a large impact on the performance of the tires. There are two main types of tread patterns. Full-pressure tread patterns are used on most street bikes and are ideal for most off road environments. In addition to the high pressure, tread pattern, some motorcyclists like to run softer, thinner treads for off road use. However, most motorcycle racing tires are constructed with a hard rubber outer tread to provide the optimum traction in all weather conditions.

Motorcycle tires manufacturers cater to many different audiences with different styles of design for each category of riders. Most manufacturers offer both new tires and used tires in each category of their products line. Some riders may prefer to shop for new tires and install them, while others will prefer to browse through used catalogues or check out online auction sites for good deals on used tires.

Motorcycle tires are usually bought based on their tread rating, how easy they are to install and how well they perform throughout a track day. There are three main categories of treads that most riders purchase; the soft, medium and hard rubbers. For track days when traction is an issue, most riders prefer to purchase the softest, most durable rubber possible. For everyday use and highway cruising most riders prefer the medium-hard style of tread.

Tips To Buy Motorcycle

When shopping for motorcycle tires it is a good idea to have a complete set of tires that you will use for every session of riding. If you do not have a complete tire assortment, you should plan on ordering a minimum of two tires per session. This way if one set of tire is damaged, it will be easier to replace than trying to repair and re-order another set. Sometimes manufacturers offer tire discounts for multiple purchases. If this is the case, contact them to find out if they offer any discounts for multiple purchases of motorcycle tires.

Goodyear motorcycle tires have been known to provide good traction in most types of riding situations. The company also offers a wide range of high performance tires for off road use. These tires are built to withstand some serious abuse. Goodyear tires are constructed using the same materials as race tires, which makes them extremely tough. Many customers prefer to order a set of Goodyear tires in addition to a new tire and hub, because Goodyear tires tend to be more consistent than many other manufacturers. Many riders prefer to purchase the same tires they use on their street bikes, and then buy a new hub and tire for every bike they own.


Some motorcycle tire manufacturers, such as Pirelli, offer good prices but do not make a great product. The main problem with Pirelli tires is that they tend to wear very quickly, and their treads are not very deep. Many riders feel that this reduces traction and control. To get the maximum performance from your motorcycle tires it may be a good idea to choose a name brand manufacturer that produces high quality tires with a long tread depth, as well as a tire with good tread depth and a solid design.

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