Motorcycle Racing Gloves That You Can Buy

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If you are driving your motorcycle at the speed of 160km/hr, then the grip is most important to keep you safe. I am sure you get the best leather clothes and helmets, but most of the time, people don’t focus on the quality of gloves and neglect their decision later. Now imagine you are driving at the speed of 160km/hr at a track, and your gloves are not up to the mark; if you lose the grip, the chances for your survival is just 0.5%. Motorcycle racing gloves provide you with proper grip, and on the other hand, they are comfortable, lightweight, and even provide you with the optimum feel of the controls of the bike.

Here I am going to show you the best gloves which you can wear on the track.

Cortech Adrenaline 3.0 Gloves

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This one costs around $200-$220, and some of the top racers use these gloves, and they also have marked it as the best one. It is made up of goatskin on the palm, which helps you enjoy the controls’ ride and feel.

Cortech is best in its price range and is about 0.8-0.9 mm wide. The wrist protector and 360 wrist closure strap are some of its significant features.

Dainese Full Metal 6 Gloves

A close up of a person wearing a helmet

This one is a bit expensive and costs around $390-$410. These gloves have the title of the best as they are being used by Valentino Rossi, the best rider of this era.

If he is using these gloves, then maybe the best ones for you too. Its stitching is done with aramid fibers for more strength, and again it is made up of mostly goatskin to feel comfortable.

It also has titanium on the knuckles for more protection.

Spidi Carbo Track Evo

This one cost around $320-$370. It’s the latest edition of the spider group and is made up of cow skin to avoid your hand from getting sweaty.

Superfabric is placed in all the areas to avoid your hands from getting hurt during a road rash. It also provides abrasion resistance in the areas which are not covered with leather.

The palm area is fully covered with heat-resistant microfibres. In short, if you have an excellent budget, then this one’s for you.

Alpinestars GP Pro R3

This one costs around $240-$260. This one is the highest in Alpinestars range and is made up of high-quality products.

It has a very tight wrist lock which makes it near to impossible to squeeze your hands into. Sometimes, a glove can have all the features you might desire, but if it’s uncomfortable, leave it.

Knox Android

This one can cost around $300, but it’s worth it. Just have a look at this glove, and you can notice why it’s called the beast.

Its exoskeleton is so flexible that it provides almost all the features. The metapod on the knuckles is lined with gel for extra comfort. It closes the wrist with equal pressure from all sides, and to remove this, simply pull up the dial.

Its palm is made up of kangaroo leather, and it also has Japanese polyester on some sides.

Final Words

These were some of the best gloves which you could use while riding. I hope it helps.

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