Motorcycle Racing, Car Racing Games To Spend Your Leisure Time

motorcycle racing car games

Hello, are you bored, looking for some games to play but you are confused about which game you should start playing? Then you are at the right place, and we are here to tell you the best motorcycle racing and car racing games; we think you are bound to love them.

Racing Fever Moto

man with motor

Racing fever moto is a pretty popular motorcycle racing game among all teenagers; many motorcycle options to choose from while playing. Except for all these, you can customize your motorcycle.

If you cross the speed limit while riding a motorcycle, police cars will chase you; this mode is called a polish escape. There a total of four controllers and four camera angles are available in this game.

The graphics are amazing, you can see the background details, and the motorcycle sound fell like a real-world motorcycle. 

Traffic Rider

man with motor

Traffic rider is an addictive game for teenagers; there are more than 70 missions to complete. No petrol limitation so you can ride as much as you want to ride in traffic.

In this game, you can choose motorcycles as well as mo-pads to participate in the race. While racing, you should avoid crashing your motorcycle; otherwise, you will get eliminated from the race.

According to the game, in this game, every motorcycle and mo-pads sound record from the real world. Online mode is available so you can compete with other players.  

Death Moto 4

Death moto 4 is one of the best games available on the internet, there are many things in this game it can entertain you for many hours, and the concept of the game is a little different from other motorcycle racing games.

You don’t have many motorcycle options to select in this game, but you can upgrade your motorcycle, mount a rocket launcher and machine gun to defeat your enemy.

If you think this game is easy, you are wrong, my friend; it is pretty hard to win the trophy. 

F1 Mobile Racing Game

F1 racing games are pretty popular these days; it is developed by Codes master software company. After playing for many hours, this game still excites me; the graphic is also excellent.

Many real f1 top cars are updated in this game for f1 fans. There is a weekend race available in this game. If you want to play with your friends and family, you can join your friends and family after logging in through your social media to compete with them.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

After the need for speed games, it is the best and most popular racing game on the internet; many teenagers are addict to this game. Asphalt 8 got many awards for the best game among rivals.

 You can choose many supercars from, then customize the car body, engine, and almost every part of your car. This game has everything you are looking for.


These are the few games you can play and entertain yourself whenever you feel bore. These games are readily available on the internet. Both online and offline modes are available for you to play. 

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