Motorcycle News: What India Is Waiting For

Motorcycle News: What India Is Waiting For

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Motorcycles have long been a favourite with people of all age groups owing to their thrilling speed. Therefore motorcycle news helps us to update us with the latest time. It has also been a favorite for not just races but also numerous road trips, especially in rocky terrain and mountains. Added to these qualities is its very stylish exterior which is compact thereby allowing it to manoeuvre through narrow paths and crowded roads with the utmost ease.

Motorcycle News: What India Is Waiting For
Motorcycle News: What India Is Waiting For

Motorcycle News enthusiasts often spend hours scouring through magazines and newspapers in search of the latest motorcycles that are to be launched in the country. If you are one such enthusiast, look no further! Here we have compiled for you a list of motorcycles that are due to hit the streets in India real soon.

Honda Activa 125 Fi

Priced from Rs. 64,000 onwards, the Honda Activa is supposed to launch in the country by July 2019. People engaged in Motorcycle news believe that the price will shoot up to a maximum of Rs. 68,000 for this model.

KTM 790 Duke

During the month of July, KTM India has announced the launch of the new KTM 790 Duke. It is a bike on the higher end of the spectrum. Prices for this supposedly begin from Rs. 8,00,000 and scale up the ladder from there on.

Ducati Diavel 1260

The latest motorcycle news has it that this beauty is set to launch in the Indian markets sometime in August 2019. Rs 16 lac is the estimated price of this motorcycle.

BMW R 1250 RS

The BMW R 1250 RS will be hitting the streets in India this year only. BMW Motorrad (India) has confirmed the launch of this bike in the month of July. It comes with a hefty price tag of around Rs 15,40,000.

Husqvarna Svartpilen

Motorcycle news in India has it that this vehicle, expected to be launched by the end of July is priced at a stunning Rs. 8 lakhs when it finally hits the market.

Vespa Liberty 3V

This motorcycle is expected to be in the Indian streets by the end of August 2019. Its price as of now is estimated at Rs. 63,000.

Yamaha NMax 155

According to motorcycle news going round in the country, this is set to arrive a bit later in the year and is expected to be launched sometime in December. Its expected price maybe lingering somewhere around Rs. 1 lakh.

2020 Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield has announced to launch the updated version of the classic 350 during the month of April next year in 2020. The prices for this motorcycle start at Rs. 1.70 lakhs.

Suzuki Gixxer 250

Set to launch sometime in September this year, this motorcycle by Suzuki has priced approximately at Rs. 1.55 lakhs.

UM Scrambler X Motorcycle News

Motorcycle news that has been circulating suggests that this beast, primarily meant for road trips. Therefore it will be able to scale trough surfaces with ease shall release in October 2019. Its expected price stands somewhere around Rs. 1.50 lakhs.

These are some of the motorcycles that are set to take India by storm very soon after they are launched. Have a road trip planned? Go ahead and buy any of these. Because it will help you to set off on your very own adventure!

Motorcycle News: What India Is Waiting For
Motorcycle News: What India Is Waiting For
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