Motorcycle Girl – The Inspiring Story Of Zenith Irfan

Motorcycle Girl- The Inspiring Story Of Zenith Irfan

In developing countries, any activity that does not conform to society’s norms gets rude remarks and the gazes of bystanders. However, a few people always fulfil their dreams despite the conditions around them. Such people are real “fighters” and, no matter how many times society tries to put them down, they rise. For these people, staying down is not an option. Also, just like Captain America in movies, their answer to oppression is, “I can do this all day.” Just like the motorcycle girl.

Similar is the plot of “motorcycle girl.” It is the story of a Pakistani girl, Zenith Irfan who refused to give in to what “society” expected of her. As a result, she proceeded to become the first female motorcyclist to ride across Pakistan. Therefore, let us know about the movie in detail.

The Motorcycle Girl Movie

The movie, motorcycle girl released all over Pakistan on April 20, 2018. It is an adventure drama film which is also a biography of Zenith Irfan. She is the first female motorcyclist from Pakistan to ride across the country.

It is, director and co-producer, Adnan Sarwar’s second instalment in his thematic hero trilogy. Moreover, this film has Sohai Ali Abro in the lead role as Zenith Irfan. Additionally, Ali Kazimi, Shamim Hilali, and Samina Peerzada play supporting roles.

Motorcycle Girl- The Inspiring Story Of Zenith Irfan
Motorcycle Girl- The Inspiring Story Of Zenith Irfan

The Plot

The movie begins in Lahore, Pakistan where Zenith lives in mediocrity and struggle.

She has to save her job, fend off sneering men and deal with an unpleasant boss.

Also, she has a cunning male colleague who impresses the boss by stealing Zenith’s hard work. To make things worse, she has an oppressive grandmother and a frustrated mother to deal with, at home.

However, she has two people as support; One, a friend, and the other, her understanding brother. Also, it was her brother who gave her the idea of using their father’s motorcycle to commute to work.

Zenith’s father had a dream of travelling across the country on his motorbike. However, he died when she was a mere ten months old, and his goal remained unfulfilled. Therefore his daughter goes on to fulfil that dream and becomes an overnight sensation.

Motorcycle Girl- The Inspiring Story Of Zenith Irfan
Motorcycle Girl- The Inspiring Story Of Zenith Irfan

The Motorcycle Girl Movie Cast

The cast of the motorcycle girl is as follows:

  • Sohai Ali Abro (Zenith Irfan)
  • Ali Kazmi (Zenith’s fiancee)
  • Samina Peerzada (Zenith’s mother)
  • Hadi bin Arshad (Sultan; Zenith’s brother)
  • Shamim Hilali (Her Grandmother)
  • Sarmad Khoosat (Boss)

Other cast members include:

  • Mehar Bano
  • Khalid Butt
  • Daniyal Raheel
  • Mandana Zaidi
  • Hani Taha
  • Wajahat Malik

Real VS Reel Life

Zenith, upon an interview, told that she never expected to see her story as a movie. She felt thrilled and wished that her father was there to see all that. Also, Zenith thinks that now she has the responsibility to bring her country in a positive light. Moreover, she is doing her best to inspire the people that look up to her.

On the other hand, Sohai Ali Abro described working on “motorcycle girl” as an enriching experience. She also shared that Adnan made her believe only she could do this movie. Also, Sohai feels gratified on the film’s success. It is mainly because no one was willing to make such a film a few years ago.

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