Motorcycle Desert Racing Techniques That Can Never Go Wrong

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If you want to participate in one of the most chilling adventure sports, nothing can be better than motorcycle desert racing. It will give you an exhilarating experience, and if you know the correct techniques, you might not even get injured. Sand corners can be fun and delightful but make sure that you are not aggressive while riding. At first, you will have to prepare for motorcycle desert racing so that any unpredictable thing does not happen. An experienced desert rider will always tell you that nothing will go as planned regardless of your preparation. So to prevent some birds in areas, you need to know about the current strategies so that you can survive in the desert on your dirt bike. 

Steg Pegz

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The first thing you have to install on your bike is the steg pegz which will look like a door stopper. Most experienced people would want to have this in their bike so that it is easier to put on the brakes. It becomes easier to control it on the sand, and the tires will not skid at all. In addition to that, you can go quite further and faster if your bike has the correct set of grips. 

Mousse Tubes

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Which is the second setup option that you can have instead of the traditional inflatable tube. This is a condensed ring of foam inserted inside the tire, and it cannot be punctured. It will feel very firm to the touch, and the tire cannot be punctured easily, which is why it will enhance the bike’s lifespan. You will be able to go for hundreds of kilometers without stopping and without any injury chances. 

Desert Tyres

This is one of the most crucial strategies you must follow to ride perfectly on the bike. For a typical desert riding experience, you would want to check out the designer tire that will go on a typical desert. There is an element of sand riding that will work on harsh surfaces, and it will also not cause any wear and tear. If you want to travel long distances, there can be nothing better than desert tyres. 

Engine Protection Strategies

Protecting your engine should be of utmost importance, and that is why there should be a design to catch up 90% of the dirt. It should be available in several sizes and easy to install to do without any assistance. It is recommended that you use the fluid intelligence and the boiling coolant so that your tire does not get blisters and there is perfect hydration even in the scorching heat. There are also racing kevlar gloves that you can put on so that your hands can stay protected even after long hours of riding. 


Motorcycle desert racing is never out of danger, and you should know how to do it with the help of professional guidance. It can be a very dangerous adventure sport, and thereby you should check out your gear before riding.

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