Moped and Scooter: Some Differences

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What is a Moped?

A person wearing a helmet riding a motorcycle

A moped is a vehicle that can have pedals to be pushed for assistance. They are also electrically powered. Mopeds are not as powerful as scooters and can’t go as fast as scooters either. A moped is a type of Motorized Scooter. Mopeds typically have a small engine and a step-through frame. The moped has pedals, like a bicycle. To make the engine work, you have to pedal; if you stop pedaling, the engine stops working. You can drive a moped on the road, and you also have to obey traffic laws for regular motorcycles. In some places, you’ll need a license to operate a moped because it’s considered a type of motorcycle. Mopeds are less mobile than scooters since they don’t have a lot of power, but they’re easier to pedal and steer which makes them ideal for bike lanes. They also don’t require a lot of maintenance either so they’re very cost-effective to use. Mopeds can go anywhere scooters can go and oftentimes, moped prices will include insurance and gasoline for the vehicle. Most mopeds aren’t less than $1,000 but you can sometimes get them at yard sales or secondhand places for cheaper prices.

How Does Moped Work?

A close up of a motorcycle

Everything on a moped is automatic just like an ordinary bike except that it has pedals attached to it. The only difference with a regular bike is that the pedals of the moped are more like an accelerator which means you’ll be able to maintain your speed without having to pedal all of the time. The more you pump your pedals, the more speed you’ll get.

What is a Scooter?

A scooter is a vehicle that consists of a platform with two or three wheels and a handlebar for steering. A scooter also has an engine and can be operated as a car (unlike a moped). A scooter comes with two footpegs instead of pedals. It can’t be used as transportation without turning on the gas at the same time, but it does provide more power than your average two-wheeled vehicle (e.g. motorcycle or bicycle) while eliminating the need for buying parking space in crowded urban areas. For this reason, many people view them as ‘car replacements’. They are easy to drive and maintain which is why they are popular for commuting.

Difference between Mopeds and Scooter:

Mopeds are designed to be light, compact, and maneuverable.

Scooters can be either more powerful or smaller than a moped, giving them the advantage of being able to drive on roads with cars.

In New Zealand, a moped is a vehicle that is designed to be propelled by pedals or an electrical motor only, and does not have a cylinder capacity exceeding 50 ml (exhaust emissions must comply with VIRM Part 1), and has a maximum speed of 50 km/h – if it has an internal combustion engine; and has wheels of 200 mm or less in diameter – if it has an external combustion engine. There is no age limit for riding a moped. A moped can also have pedals, but it cannot be used on the road without being licensed as a driving vehicle. In NZ, this means either being registered or having special permission from Land Transport New Zealand.

A motorized scooter is defined as a vehicle with an internal combustion engine or electric motor that has at least 2 wheels in contact with the road surface. For example, Honda’s “big wheel” range of scooters is classed as motorcycles.

In New Zealand, a scooter is a vehicle that has an internal combustion engine capable of producing not more than 5 kW or an electric motor that produces no more than 4 kW. If it has an electric motor, the maximum speed of the scooter must be less than 50 km/h when driven by the electric motor alone. There is no age limit for riding a scooter.

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