Latest Motorcycle News Worldwide -

Latest Motorcycle News Worldwide

Latest Motorcycle News Worldwide

Motorcycles, over the years, have made their fanbase. No matter where you go in the world, you’ll always find bike enthusiasts. It is because bikes give us a sense of connection with the environment and a sense of freedom. The rev of the engine may feel like music to the ears. For such enthusiasts, we have the current affairs of the world of biking. Here are some essential pieces of motorcycle news that you may not want to miss. So, let’s go right in.

Latest Motorcycle News Worldwide
Latest Motorcycle News Worldwide

Latest Motorcycle News – Yamaha’s Electric Scooter

We have a piece of exciting motorcycle news for you. Yamaha recently showcased an electric scooter developed in collaboration with Gogoro. Gogoro is a Taiwanese e-scooter maker, known for its swappable and rechargeable battery technology. The name of the new scooter is EC-05.

While Yamaha handled the designing, Gogoro took charge of the mechanical parts.

Although not as powerful as a fuel-based scooter, you can swap and recharge EC-05s batteries at home. Also, you can take the help of dedicated charging stations at various places.

Grass Clippings claim life

Cheryl Zeglen, a resident of Illinois, died two days later in hospital after an accident with grass clippings on the road. It is a piece of saddening motorcycle news. When the accident happened, she was riding just behind her husband, Thomas, who suddenly slowed down. However, Cheryl wasn’t lucky as she lost control due to the grass clippings on the road. As a result, she crashed into Thomas’s bike and was sent flying off her bike.

Thomas, since then, is taking a stand about increasing the $50 penalty for spraying grass clippings on the road. Not only does it make it difficult to ride but it also claims lives.

Latest Motorcycle News Worldwide
Latest Motorcycle News Worldwide

Honda Unveils Custom CB1000Rs

Honda unveiled its 12 custom CB1000R bikes at the Wheels and Waves festival this year. Being France’s most popular custom motorbike show, the Wheels and Waves showcases stunning custom-built bikes every year. Also, the CB1000Rs came from all across the continent of Europe to be a part of this show. Moreover, this festival began in 1969 when there were many custom CB750s showcased.

Latest Motorcycle News – BMW’s New Patent

The company, headquartered in Bavaria, recently filed a new patent. The patent was for an electric front-wheel-drive system. Although we have no information, BMW may use it on their new range of GS adventure bikes.

Moreover, the new drive system requires the rider to engage it. Therefore, bikers have full freedom to choose.

Latest Motorcycle News Worldwide
Latest Motorcycle News Worldwide

Moto Guzzi’s New Ambassador

You will surely be surprised by reading this motorcycle news. The famous Hollywood actor, Evan McGregor, has become Moto Guzzi’s brand ambassador. Also renowned as a Jedi in Star Wars, he agreed to become the brand ambassador of Moto Guzzi’s V85 TT. Furthermore, Ewan last worked with the company in 2013 on the California 1400’s launch in Australia.

Although the bike had been selling pretty well, with Ewan’s inclusion, the company expects the sales to double.

So, this was some important news from the world of motorcycles. Although companies are set to make faster and better bikes every year. However, as a biker, it would help if you always take care of yourself and surroundings to prevent any accidents.

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