KCRG News Motorcycle Accident That Was Reported In Recent Times

kcrg news motorcycle accident

KCRG news channel covers almost all sorts of news from Iowa City. However, they are most active in accident cases. As the number of motorcycle and car accidents has increased in this city, the officials and cops are taking strict actions to lessen the rate of accidents. KCRG news channel reported a horrifying number of accidents in the city. Mentioned below are few kcrg news motorcycle accident that were reported in recent times:

Kcrg News Motorcycle Accident By SUV Car

As per kcrg news motorcycle accident report, a motorcycle and an SUV car crashed and sent two people to the hospital. According to the officials, the accident happened in the morning around 9:30. The SUV was coming from the west and the motorcycle was heading from the north. SUV failed to stop at the intersection causing a crash with a motorcycle. This was not a major one but both the drivers were sent to the hospital for treatment. It is also reported that the driver and passenger of the motorbike were not wearing helmets. This accident took place in the Fairfax area of Iowa City.

Hit And Run Accident With A Car

A motorcycle parked on the side of a building

Reported as a hit and run kcrg news motorcycle accident, this one took place in the Cedar Rapids area of Iowa City. Cops believed this to be a hit-and-run case. It was around 8:30 at night. They were called at the sight reporting that a car crashed a motorcycle at the intersection. But when they reached, the car driver had left the spot. The rider was seriously injured and taken to the hospital for further treatments. Reportedly investigation is on and no arrests have been made.

Kcrg News Motorcycle Accident On Highway 30

It was reported that a motorcycle crashed on the highway where a 52-year-old man got seriously injured. This took place in the Cedar Rapids area of Iowa City. The cops were informed that around 5:30 in the evening an accident took place. The man who was riding the bike was found unconscious around 30 feet downside of an embankment. He was seriously injured and taken to the hospital where the injuries were described as life-threatening. Investigation of the accident is ongoing.

Death Caused By Motorcycle Accident

The case is said to be in the Marion area of Iowa City. A teenage boy driving SUV crashed with a motorcycle in which the man who was driving died on the spot and the female passenger was taken to hospital. She also got serious internal and head injuries. The driver of the SUV was also injured and taken to hospital. The boy was further investigated and the process is still ongoing.


The deadly combination of reckless bikers and careless motorists is causing such accidents at a rapid rate. Several schemes and steps have been taken by the officials and local news portals so that these accidents can be avoided.

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