Informative News About Electric Motorcycles

Electric Motorcycle News

Electric motorcycles are electric vehicles with two or three wheels. Two-wheeled electric motorcycles are more common than three-wheelers. These motorcycles function with the use of an electric battery which is charged. The news about these motorcycles is very interesting and entertaining. People are interested to know how these motorcycles work and the latest trends and news about them. Let’s see some latest news on them.

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle Is Not Out Of The Market

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Arc motorcycles entered administration mainly by crowdfunding close to $1.1 million. The company was developing ultra-premium electric vectors which offered many benefits such as great bhp and torque. It was very likely for the project to succeed. After a year the Arc owner Marc Truman said that the company is back. The owner revealed that he bought the company himself when plans to sell it outside didn’t work.

Segway Emoped C80 Is Now Accepting US Pre Orders

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Segway has now put the production of C80 into US markets. The move is sure to bring in more sales and profits for the company. The company has started a crowdfunding campaign and was successful in it. The vehicle is targeted into urban areas with high traffic congestion. The most important thing is that you don’t need a license to operate one. By establishing its market in the US, the company has taken a big leap forward.

A Bike To Fix Harley’s Generational Problems

Harley Davidson has been finding it difficult to satisfy the youths in the past years. Harley did release an electric motorcycle in 2020 but the cost of the vehicle kept it away from the youths. The company is coming up with a subscription-based battery plan where the downtime for charging would be taken away. The model is expected to appeal to the younger riders with a cost-effective pricing strategy.

Zero Signs Agreement With Polaris For Future Electric Vehicles

Many motor companies are partnering to improve sales. Powersports specialists Polaris have announced their partnership with California’s Zero Motorcycles. The partnership is for 10 years and is expected to bring in development and growth. Both the companies are trying to utilize each other’s strengths and come with great electric vehicles. The first vehicle is expected to launch in 2021.

Ather Energy Unboxes Special Edition 450X Series1

The motorcycle is a rare one and with only a few thousand units sets of production. The scooter has a full black color scheme with red highlights found on the rim. Trellis frame, rear suspension, and apron. The best feature of the scooter is the translucent side panels which provide a structural appealing and unique aesthetic. With its unique look, the scooter is sure to make an impact on the market.


Electric motorcycles have been in the market for some time now and they have undergone many changes and developments. Companies are thriving hard to make new technological innovations to cope up with the competition. News about electric motorcycles is always interesting and exciting. Let’s keep a close watch on these motorcycles.

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