In 2020 Indian Motorcycles Will Receive Largest Engine

Selected 2020 Indian Motorcycles to Receive Largest Engine Yet

Indian motorcycles while announcing their plan for 2020 have recently revealed that it is going to launch a brand new engine having a bigger displacement and more torque. Royal Enfield is all set up to launch the Thunder Stroke 116 engine, a 1901CC motor making of peak torque. 

The 2020 Indian motorcycles that this engine will power includes:

  • The Springfield Dark Horse
  • Chieftain, Chieftain Dark Horse
  • Chieftain Limited
  • Roadmaster
  • Roadmaster Dark Horse

However, the Chief Vintage, Chieftain Classic, Chief Dark Horse and Springfield will still maintain the earlier 1811cc Thunder Stroke, and both the engines will be available for the 2020 Chieftain. A new quad-core powered Ride Command system will also be featured along with the 116 power plant in the upcoming 2020 models. Apart from providing an improved customizable screen, it will also add traffic and overlays. 

Selected 2020 Indian Motorcycles to Receive Largest Engine Yet
Selected 2020 Indian Motorcycles to Receive Largest Engine Yet

Roadmaster Dark Horse 2020 Indian Motorcycles

India is planning to give a Dark Horse treatment to its premium Roadmaster touring bike. It will constitute a streamlined fairing, 19-inch front wheel with an open fender, slammed saddlebags, extended rogue gunfighter seat, touring trunk, blacked-out engine and heated grips amongst other features. It will also get a blacked-out finish and plenty of chrome to add to its charm. 

Springfield Dark Horse 2020 Indian Motorcycles

Based on positive feedbacks from riders across the world. India has also redesigned the Springfield Dark Horse for 2020 to its Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition version of 2020 that was launched for Daytona Bike Week. It features slammed saddlebacks, 12-inch mini apes, rogue seat, blacked-out finishes. Other standard features that includes ride modes, rear cylinder deactivation, remote locking saddlebags, and keyless ignition. 

Chieftain Elite 

The premium bagger Chieftain Elite gets the 116 engine and the PowerBand Audio Plus system in the 2020 Indian motorcycles line up. With the installation of the integrated fairing and saddlebags speakers, it is around 50% louder than India’s standard audio setup. Apart from them you also get a two-tone color scheme, which is known as thunder black vivid crystal by the Indians. It has wildfire candy paint having matching badges and highlights on the motor. It also comes with precision-machined wheels, select rider floorboards, pinnacle mirrors, and a flare windshield. 

Selected 2020 Indian Motorcycles to Receive Largest Engine Yet
Selected 2020 Indian Motorcycles to Receive Largest Engine Yet

The Remaining Line Up  

The Springfield chassis is to be shared with the Chief Dark Horse and Chief Vintage for improved handling in the 2020 Indian Motorcycle line up. The Chief Dark Horse and the Springfield also get 17-inch front wheels for improved stability. The Roadmaster is, however, now lighter in weight and gets a makeover with a newly design trunk rack. There are other types of different accessories as well that boosts its overall performance. It includes stage 1 slip-on exhaust, performer air intakes, and a muffler kit. 

The price range for the Chief Dark Horse is $18,499 on the low end and $34,999 for the Chieftain Elite on the high end. All these 2020 Indian Motorcycle line up will be available in dealerships very soon. 

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