Important Points For Making Motorcycle License

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In India, there are different documents that are used for identification proof. Driving license comes in the category of such proof. The purpose of driving license is personal identification. This document is an official document that gives the holder of the document the right to operate various types of motor vehicles on roads and highways to which the public has access. Regional Transport Authorities or Regional Transport Offices administer motorcycle license in different parts of the Indian States.  The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 defines that a driving license is required in India by any person to drive a vehicle on the road and highway.

Important Points For Making Motorcycle License
Important Points For Making Motorcycle License

A driving license serves many purposes for identification proof in driving and non-driving context like opening a bank account and while making a passport.


A provisional driving license can be made from the age of 16 onwards. This document grants the right to drive a gearless motorcycle up to a capacity of 60 cc from the age of 16 and drive a car from the age of 18 and also heavy vehicles. This one license is enough to drive any were in the country because it has all India permit.

For driving transport and commercial vehicles, you should obtain endorsement and the minimum age is 20 years for this in a few states in the driving license act. In order to obtain a license, anyone is bound to follow a stipulated procedure. One will go through several tests to get a driving license. There are three tests that you have to give to get a driving license. Without which you will not get your driving test driving license issued. In order to obtain, the driver needs to pass a verbal test, written test and driving test depending on the states.

Test – Motorcycle License

Regional Transportation Offices conduct a theory exam to grant a driving license. This theory exam is based on the basic sign of the road that is the same for motorcycles and cars. There you get 20 multiple choice questions out of which you have to correctly answer at least 50% to pass the test. In some scenarios, you might have to appear for a verbal test along with the theory test. The theory test is given on the computer. It is compulsory to pass both the test to obtain the driving license. The main test is the driving test.

Important Points For Making Motorcycle License
Important Points For Making Motorcycle License

Points to Remember– Motorcycle License

  • Learn driving with proper rules and regulation
  • Follow the driving rules while driving.
  • Never drink and drive.
  • Don’t break the traffic rules.
  • Follow the traffic signs.
  • Follow the speed limit.
  • Think about your own and the public safety
  • In the case of a motorcycle wear helmet compulsory.
  • In the case of a car wearing a seat belt is compulsory.

Every country has some rules that the public has to follow. These rules are compulsory for people to follow. Follow the traffic rules for your safety and for public safety.

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