How to Prepare For Motorcycle Drag Races

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Motorcycle Drag Racing is an exciting way to add a little thrill and excitement to your motorcycle riding. It gives motorcycles a chance to go faster than they normally could and to be really tested in the ultimate high-speed situation. Unlike a lot of other motorcycle events, where a rider only needs to be able to ride a bike and a helmet, a person who participates in this event requires much more than those two items. They need both good training and a good knowledge of how to use their bike and its parts.

Know About The Rules And Regulations

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Motorcycle Drag Races involving two participants lined up at a marked starting line with a green indicated starting point. Immediately upon the green indication, the riders accelerate off a marked distance, usually two lanes, into a straight, marked course where their total elapsed time and overall terminal speed are measured. The first rider to arrive at the finish line first, wins.

This may sound easy but in motorcycle drag racing, it isn’t. Not a single person participating will complete a full quarter mile in the allotted time. Therefore, you can be sure that one person will finish one quarter mile while another completes half a mile! This race takes place on well-maintained, wide open tracks. It is a competition for the best riders and the fastest times. However, some tracks may have racecourses which vary in length, therefore, you should ask the organizer of the event if any special conditions apply to the motorcycle drag racing.

Motogp Test

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A Motogp test can prove to be very helpful as well. Motogp is a test that measures and records the force with which riders are thrown over the bars of a Motogp racer. This test is known to be the most accurate barometer for motorcycle racing. So even before the race you should familiarize yourself with the Motogp test.

The Motogp test measures the force with which riders are thrown through the bars of a Motogp racer. If you happen to go through the bars fast, you are considered to be “throttle-tying”, while if you go slow, you are considered “laying-on”. Therefore, in order to succeed in motorcycle racing, you must learn how to properly ride your bike. There is a lot more to speed riding than just knowing how to ride. Therefore, to become a winner of a Motogp drag race you should also be able to follow instructions and utilize your motorcycle in a proficient manner while racing. The following are tips that might help you improve your speed and awareness while racing:

Reliable And Reputed Training Facility

As much as possible, choose a reliable and reputed training facility where you can hone your racing skills. It is essential for you to have the right kind of training facility because only then can you get training for real-time races and not just practice in the safety room. You should opt for a facility that trains both the beginner and advanced motorcyclists such as Motocross or Motogp. Pro Stock Motorcycle racing is yet another competitive form of motorcycle drag racing and requires experienced riders who are equipped with the knowledge of how to maneuver their bikes through tight turns and other racing obstacles on the tracks.

Bottom Lines 

o Many racing motorcycles require an individual to undergo a rigorous training program that lasts for about eight weeks. If you wish to participate in motor and stock motorcycles, you should prepare yourself for both kinds of riding by undergoing a week long training program. Motocross and Motogp courses are offered in several locations all over the country and you should contact your nearest motocross and stock motorcycle club for more information and details about enrolling in such a course.

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