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motorcycle accident news

Motorcycle Accident news is common to those who follow motorcycling. However, for those uninitiated in the sport there may be some surprising things happening. In fact, one person died and another was critically injured after a serious motorcycle accident in Long Island City on Wednesday. Motorcycle accident witness reported that the two men were riding back home from a party when they encountered a stopped motorcycle. The motorcycle apparently failed to stop at a stoplight and the men suffered serious injuries in the accident.

There were no visible injuries to the women riders. Three fatally injured, two seriously, in a motorcycle accident of westbound five-passenger car in Long Island City on Wednesday afternoon. Motorcycle driver apparently injured in fatal crash which sent vehicle into a tree.

Dangerous Accident

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Another person was killed and another is in critical condition after a serious motorcycle accident in Hampton Bays, New York. A male motorcycle rider was pronounced dead at the scene. He is the brother of the deceased wife. Police are investigating the scene and have not released the names of those involved. Motorcycle accident news will be an interesting thing to follow through the days and nights.

A seventeen-year-old boy was killed while riding his motorcycle on a lonely stretch of road. The boy had been out with friends and was coming home when the accident happened. His friends called 911 but the paramedics arrived too late.

There was another report of a motorcycle accident news. A woman riding her motorcycle out early in the morning went down on Main Street in Suffolk County. A passerby saw her lying on the roadway in a pool of blood. She told the police she was not sure if she was conscious at the time. EMS took her to a hospital, but she later died at 11:20 p.m.

South California Accident

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Another motorcycle accident news item happened in Southern California. A bicycle rider lost his right leg when it became entangled in the back of a moving motorcycle. The motorist took off at the next corner but pulled back and continued to drive away. He later told police that he did not see the man fall but feared he might have been hit.

One more motorcycle accident news story occurred in Palm Springs, California. A woman riding her motorcycle out to dinner was crossing a street when she crashed into a car. She had severe burns to her upper body and was taken to a hospital where she later died. The driver of the car that hit her was cited for negligence. No injuries were reported by the other drivers or passersby. It is still unclear why this accident occurred.

It is difficult to find a consistent source of accurate motorcycle accident news. Countless stories are posted on blogs, message boards, websites and social media sites. It can be difficult to determine who is telling the truth. But you can be comforted in the knowledge that, for the most part, the news reports about motorcycle accidents are consistent.

Remember Few Things

As with any type of traffic or accident news, the most important thing to remember about motorcycle accident news is that it is only as reliable as the people reporting it. Anyone can write an accident story, regardless of their experience. So be wary of stories that seem too good to be true. Even if the motorcycle accident victim is riding a very new bike, there could still be mechanical problems with it that could cause the motorcycle accident. So be leery of stories stating that a driver was only “made aware” of the potential danger because he was not wearing a helmet.

You can go on the Internet to search for “motorcycle accident news”. But be careful. There are many hoax sites that will lead you to believe that big news is about to break about a serious motorcycle accident. They often give you links to their blogs or sites, but that is not where real news is found. Also, make sure that any news stories you get are not from article directories. While those websites do typically get some good articles, much of the content is poorly written and the articles were actually stolen from another website.

Search On Individual Websites

Look for independent websites that offer factual information with no bias. Unfortunately, you will have to pay a fee to read any of their articles, but at least you won’t have to worry about any misleading information. Some of these sites allow you to sign up for a free account so that you can get the best information first. Or you may choose to read one of their newsletters in which they provide a summary of the week’s most important articles.


You can also look for many online message boards that cover motorcycles. They usually have a guestbook that allows you to post new stories and get others’ opinions. And there are many online groups devoted to motorcycle news. If you are a member of one of these groups, then you should be able to get the same information as everyone else without paying a fee.

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