Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing Tricks

Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing

Do you want to understand the essence of Grand Prix motorcycle racing? There are various tips and tricks to understand the driver feedback and plat it in a picture-perfect manner. The Grand Prix racing online is one of the most stimulating games that you should invest in, and it is time for you to get familiarized with the same. These tips and tricks are still prevalent and significant in 2020, and you would want to try them out.

What Is The Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing GAME All About?

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This is an online racing game that you have to invest in to feel the difference between other games and this one. This is not a typical animation, and you do not even have to use the keyboard. With the help of this game, you will be able to race with the other players, and you need a lot of technical experience and strategies. It is like a mimicry of the Formula 1 game. You need to consider a lot of parameters, like the performance of the car and the driver feedback. But how to understand it?

Driver Feedback

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The GPRO driver will give you proper feedback on the game and how the car’s performance is. Make sure that you follow the same, and after that, you have to tune the settings. Then only will you be able to qualify the lap 1 and lap 2? The race’s location should be perfect, and you can also put effort into the third set. It is essential to understand the terminology, and these are being mentioned as follows

Extreme- in the harsh conditions, the reduction should be about 170-300

In case of intense feedback, you should be able to reduce by 90-170

The higher feedback will mark your decline by 40-90.

If you are low feedback, try to increase by 50-100

The lower feedback should help you increase by 100-150

Last but not the least, the lowest feedback should help you improve by 150-300.

Wings-Grand Prix Motorcycle

You need to understand the essence of wings whenever you are in a racing game. There should be a balance in the aerodynamics, and the downforce grip on the car should be optimum as well. Understand the specifications on the racetrack so that the driving speed is enough to win the race. There are various feedbacks that you need to take care of.

‘I am missing out on straight speed”- this means you need to reduce around 170-300

‘The car is lacking some speed’- This means you have to reduce by 90-170

‘The car should have more speed in straight form’- You should be able to reduce by 40-90.


This is the most critical part of the car, and there should be a correct setting. Make sure that you drive safely so that the engine does not blow up by the end of the finish line. It is essential to judge the feedback and adjust the settings as per your convenience.

Bottom Note

Now that you have a proper idea regarding the Grand Prix motorcycle racing tips to understand driver’s feedback, there will be no one stopping you from winning the race. So why wait anymore?

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