Four Safety Tips For RC Motorcycle Racing

No matter how cool, fun, and fuel-efficient motorcycles are, it is also true that driving a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car. According to the Insurance Information Institute, a crash as a motorcycle rider is nearly 30 times more fatal than a motorist. Many dedicated riders can clear themselves from accidents and enjoy their motorcycles without incident – but the success is a result of the basic motorcycle safety practices. Here you have four ways to ensure that you remain on the safe side of RC motorcycle racing:

Wear A Helmet

A person riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

You always have to wear an eye protection helmet with a face shield. When taking RC motorcycle racing, most people tend to miss wearing their helmets. This poses such a major safety threat because many motorcycle accidents are occurring at a slow speed. When you hit a plot of gravel or an oil slick, a motorcycle helmet will protect you against serious head injuries. For safe riding, a helmet is vital. If you wonder if a whole face helmet should be worn, yes. The chin is the most common impact on a cycling helmet at 19.4 percent.

Gear up

A motorcycle parked on the side of a road

Contrary to popular belief, good appearances are not the priority for RC motorcycle racing. Regardless of how hot it’s on the outside, shorts, t-shirts, and sandals don’t fit for riding. Even jeans offer minimum protection from injury and road rash when sliding. You can use leathers or reinforced jackets, pants, and boots for extreme protection. Goggles or guns must always be worn to guard your hands if you wear an open helmet and gloves. In hot climates, the ventilation and cooling systems have been specially developed. And you will never ride without a DOT-approved helmet. And of course. It doesn’t matter whether it looks stupid because it will.

Motorbike Brake

It just doesn’t make it any easier for you to see other motorcycles because you are on a motorcycle. When changing lanes or turning, always double-check. Braking in all kinds of conditions is also needed in RC motorcycle racing. To ensure a quick stop does not lead to a tragic event, always give the cars in front of you more space and know how to stop at a halt without locking your brakes. You may wish to upgrade your brakes to anti-lock. IIHS research shows you are 37 percent less likely to be in a fatal accident with ABS brakes on your bicycle.

Treat Yourself To Rest 

Safety for drivers requires a high level of concentration. This means that after long RC motorcycle racing you will be very exhausted and therefore should sleep well for the night. Road hypnosis between drivers and riders is common. Even after you get enough rest and sleep, you may get tired during a ride. You should pause, stretch, stay hydrated or even take a nap if necessary. You can pull out all the time and park your bike for 15 minutes.


Rc motorcycle racing for some is a hobby. There are many options for motorcycle gear, but it should always be at the top of the safety precautions. You have to be in a sober mental condition to remain safe, beyond physical safety equipment.

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