Do You Know How To Ride A Bike?

Do You Know How To Ride A Bike

Learning bike riding feels intimidating in the beginning, but with proper care, patience, and caution, you become an expert. But before knowing How to ride a bike, you have to buy a motorcycle, proper gear like helmet, gloves, and a valid license. Now all the things are at your hand. Let’s start with bike riding.

Inspection Of Your Bike

Before you hit the road, it is wise to check all the parts of the bike. Tire, controls, wheels, throttle, pedal, lever, and stands – get all checked by an expert first so that you do not have any problem.

Buy The Safety Gears- How To Ride A Bike?

Buy a helmet, particularly with face shield, boots, leather jackets and gloves for riding a bike. Do not attempt to ride the bike, without these.

Learn To Mount Your Bike

Mounting the bike can be a bit problem at the beginning, particularly if you have a good height. But by practicing every day, you can nail it. Once you sit on the bike, adjust the mirrors, and observe the position of the turn signals, lights as well as horns.

Do You Know How To Ride A Bike
Do You Know How To Ride A Bike

Use Throttle And Brakes – How To Ride A Bike?

Your right hand has two functions during riding: one is accelerating and the second is braking. Now twisting the hold towards you, you have to apply the throttle. Be gentle with the throttle. Your bike has two brakes, one is at the front, and one is at the rear. When you want to stop the bike, first gently press the rear brake and gradually press the front brake. But if you are on a sports bike, you can do away with the first brake only; no need for the rear brake. But if you are riding a heavy cruiser, then the rear brake works the best.


You have to use the clutch with your left hand as it is located in front of the left-hand grip.


Though the working mechanism is the same, the shifting of a motorbike is different than cars. Here, you will get first gear, neutral gear, second gear, third gear, fourth gear, and fifth gear. There is a sixth gear too, but it is not applicable most of the time.

Now Start Your Bike – How To Ride A Bike?

Keep your bike in the neutral gear and then press the start button. There are some bikes where you need to disengage the clutch before starting the engine. This is done to make sure that your bike does not move forward if it is in gear.

Do You Know How To Ride A Bike
Do You Know How To Ride A Bike

Engine Warm-Up

After pushing the start button, you need to warm up the engine so that it provides you continuous power for a smooth ride.

Retracting The Kickstand

In modern motorcycles, the kickstand is retracted as you start the engine. But if your bike lacks this feature, then retract the stand with your left beg before starting your ride.

Ready, Steady And Go

So, now you are prepared for the road. Dragging the clutch, pushing the first gear, releasing the clutch slowly and twisting the throttle and keeping your legs on the peg, you take your bike on the road.

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