Challenges For The Dirt Track Motorcycle Racing Enthusiast

American Flat Track Motorcycle racing is by far the most famous dirt track motorcycle racing in the country and among the world s top racing competitions. The history of the competition can be traced back to the early 1900’s when it was first showcased in Philadelphia, PA. Since then it has expanded to ten races in twenty-eight different countries.

Dirt track motorcycle racing is a racing style that differs from other forms of speedways. Because the dirt track provides a more challenging course with elevated speed, motorcycle racers are required to use more powerful, lighter weight machinery than on a paved racetrack. The first modifications were made to the dirt tracks to allow more speed, making them faster than any other form of racetrack. Although, as racers continue to develop their craft racetrack speed continues to get better.

Dirt Track Motorcycle Racing

A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

A major part of the popularity of dirt track motorcycle racing comes from its association with superpowers. In the early days of racing on dirt tracks, there was very little development of high-performance vehicles. But, with the help of innovative engineers, manufacturers have been able to come up with lightweight versions of popular American superpowers such as the Harley Davidson, BMW, and Honda. Additionally, production-based motorcycles such as Suzuki and Kawasaki also enjoy great popularity in this industry.

For decades now, Japanese riders have favored Kawasaki Ninja bikes with its powerful engine and styling. Production-based Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles are also favored by dirt track motorcycle racing fans. With the upcoming launch of the new Ninja ZX-R, Kawasaki has once again entered into the competitive field. The latest model in this sport boasts the powerful engine and newly-developed body lines which have been improved by the company.

Sport Is Speed

A man riding a dirt bike on a baseball field

Another important aspect in this sport is speed. With the new Honda RC Valentino attitude, dirt tracks all over the world have once again become arenas for speedway motorcycle racing competitions. Speedway motorcycle racing events usually last for about one day and use a variety of configurations, starting with a short track that includes only three hundred meters or less, to the longer Grand National Championship type tracks that can stretch for miles upon miles.

Other types of dirt tracks where these types of races take place include national level races for high school, college and recreational riders and regional tracks that are exclusive for professional motorcycle racing teams. There are also country club tracks that feature this type of racing series.

All of these tracks provide excellent speedways that include multiple turns and include trees and speed bumps. This helps to enhance the racing experience for viewers. Each track offers spectators a unique racing experience due to the unique characteristics of each course.

Daytona International Speedway

One of the most popular venues for speedway supertwins is Daytona International Speedway. Known for its four straight stages including the pits, which must be taken at the designated times, Daytona International Speedway also features a speedway round-robin qualifying format.

The track has the most successful streaks of any of the regular track events. With a track record of twenty-seven victories, including six of a record nine consecutive wins, Daytona International Speedway is the most popular destination for supertwin racers.

Final Words

In addition to providing spectators with a spectacular racing experience, dirt tracks provide a great place for dirt track motorcycle racers to hone their skills. Not only do these tracks provide a great opportunity for visitors to see their favorite dirt track racers in action, they also offer a great venue for testing new upgrades and parts. When dirt track motorcycle racers upgrade their machines, they often make small changes to make each race more challenging. Dirt track racing is also a fun way to spend a summer night. It offers inexpensive entertainment while also allowing dirt track motorcycle racers to practice their craft.

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