Buying Tips For Motorcycle Racing Jackets

Are you a serious biker or motorcycle racer? If so, you probably already own at least one motorcycle racing jacket. It’s a form of body armor that protects bikers from serious injury in case of an accident. They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. There are also motorcycle racing jackets made to work in colder climates.

Motorcycle racing jackets are essentially made with a hard, solid outer shell that fits snugly over the upper body. Motorcycle racing apparel abrades this protective layer by allowing airflow through the vents in the front. That way you get to keep warm and feel pretty good in cold weather. Even though the abrasion resistance provided by this jacket does add up over time, it’s still comfortable for day-to-day wear. One of the main differences between leather jackets and other motorcycle racing jackets is the amount of abrasion resistance. Leather jackets naturally fit tight, tapering at the upper waist.

Motorcycle Racing Jackets

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That’s why they are usually paired with pants rather than with gloves. The purpose of the leather motorcycle racing jackets is to allow the wearer to feel as though he is wearing only a thick coat, but with the mobility of his lower body. These jackets are made from a variety of natural fibers including, but not limited to, cowhide, suede, and snakeskin. Their construction makes them stiff enough to stand up to the intensive physical activity. Many people who have spent years sport bikes use these jackets in addition to the regular leather bike jacket.

Another major difference between regular motorcycle jackets and abrasion-resistant motorcycle racing jackets is their thickness. The thick abrasion-resistant jackets are usually found on race bikes where speed is a significant factor, and where the rider may be exposed to sharp rocks and other hazards on a regular basis. However, there are models of these jackets available for casual wear as well. A popular style of this type of jacket is one that has full zipper pockets along the breast side. The purpose of this is not only to provide protection from abrasion but also to make it easier to carry items such as a cell phone or a small portable digital camera.

A Much Ado

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While they are available in a wide range of styles, another major difference between a standard leather motorcycle racing jacket and one that is constructed with high-density fiberglass is the flexibility of the material. High-Density Fiberglass is much more flexible than standard leather. This provides a lighter jacket that will reduce your overall weight when riding your motorcycle. This type of jacket is great for hot or humid climates because it will help to keep you cool. The material also helps to wick away moisture from your skin.

High-Density Fiberglass motorcycle jackets offer a greater amount of abrasion resistance than standard leather jackets do. There are several different abrasion-resistant styles of these jackets including; leather jackets with steel studs, a steel zipper up the side, or one with zippers all the way up the sleeves. For riders who ride on long, rough trails during the warmer months, a steel abrasion-resistant jacket is highly recommended.

One of the most important features to look for when choosing a motorcycle racing jacket is good ventilation. Ventilation is an important factor because it allows a release of wind and sweat that can cause chaffing, sores, and abrasions on your riding gear. Ventilation is easily adjustable on these jackets by using buckles, zippers, and even removable straps. Many of these jackets come with a removable liner that keeps your jacket protected from the elements while allowing you to stay cool. You can even use a liner sock if you prefer a few ounces of added warmth.

Bottom Line

One of the keys to purchasing these types of jackets is to make sure they are made from the highest quality of materials. Jackets that are made with thicker and more durable material will be able to withstand the rougher terrain associated with motorcycle riding. It is always best to test the durability of these jackets by ordering them from an online retail store and trying them on. This will ensure that you are getting a quality product that will stand up to the wear and tear that most bikers get over time. These jackets should last for many years if they are properly cared for.

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