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bike racing news

Bike racing news is one of the most sought after and competitive topics. You see, nothing beats the thrill of the race when you are on your way to the finish line with your bike, knowing that you have done what it takes to win. However, if you don’t pay attention or don’t follow the latest in bike racing news, you may be leaving yourself out in the cold one minute before the race starts. Don’t let yourself get left behind. Follow the action and you will be watching and learning in no time at all.

An Overview

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Bicycling has long been a part of American heritage. You see, back in the day, when the roads were not as well known and not as well maintained as they are today, racing was a big part of the population’s leisure time. Bicycle racing was often a competitive event, especially in the early days. Back then, when the roads were being made safer, bicycle racers would try their best to beat each other’s times. It was then that those in love with cycling started collecting newspaper and magazine articles on bicycle racing.

One of the most interesting parts of this history is the fact that there was an annual event called the criterium in Utrecht, Holland. This was a huge race that was held just before the Olympic Games in the summer of 1988. Many professional and amateur cyclists took part in this criterion to prove that their bikes were indeed capable of winning without using the aid of aids such as air pumps.

Top Ceremonies

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Bicycling has been showcased in the Olympics and the Opening and Closing ceremonies. In fact, it was the Dutch who actually put the word “olympics” into the Olympic Games, when they introduced a road racing bicycle events that year. The bicycle racing team also used to be the official bicycle racing team of the Dutch Olympic Committee. Today, the team still exists and is led by Pat McQuaid.

Other major races that take place internationally include the Tour de France bicycle racing event, the GP2 racing series and the individual mountain bike events. All these series have become major draws not only for the fans and enthusiasts but also for the television audience. Each of these races takes place in different countries and at different times of the year. This has made it even more difficult for fans to keep up with what is taking place with the bicycle racing team.

Top Events

As mentioned earlier, the most famous bicycle racing event took place in the summer of 1988, when the Olympics were being held in Italy. This made it even more important for fans to keep up with all the news from the races. This gave rise to the very first official bicycle racing newspaper. It was published in Windhoek, South Africa, and was known as the Voortrekkerswag. Since then, there have been others, and today there are even dedicated websites that you can visit if you would like to read up on all the latest updates.

The most common form of racing seen these days involves short distance bicycle events. These usually last for about a day and a half and are called sprints. Some of the most popular sprints include the GP3 and cyclo-cross events. Other kinds of events include the uphill sprint where the competitors have to go up a set of stairs or a hill to reach the finish line, the two-day mountain bike races and the road racing events. These short distance sprints usually last for about 90 minutes and feature some of the best bike riders in the world.


The most important thing to note about any of the aforementioned bicycle racing events is that they take place throughout the year. Spring, summer and autumn are considered the best months for this kind of sport. And the best part is that the best time to take part in a cycling event is always during the wet season, which takes place between late March and early May. This is when the weather conditions are at their most perfect and this is also the time when such an event takes place.

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