Best Motorcycle Jack Reviews

A motorcycle parked on the side of a building

Motorcycle maintenance usually isn’t as complicated as automotive maintenance, but wrestling a heavy bike while working on the engine, tires, or other parts can be difficult without a jack. Motorcycle jacks, just like their automotive counterparts, take the weight of the bike, lift the frame high, and keep it balanced so you can work on it without fear of it tipping over. Since most jacks are rather small, they are also easy to use and store in cramped spaces if needed. Convinced you need a motorcycle jack? Here are our top recommendations.

Extreme Max Jack

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The best home-use motorcycle scissor lifts with a heavy-duty design and build.


The large frame is easy to set up under the motorcycle. The design doesn’t require any supports.


Lack of supports can make it difficult to get some motorcycles balanced properly. 

Zeny 11000-Pound Jack

A motorcycle parked on the side of a road

A versatile motorcycle scissor lift with built-in cradles and a slim profile.


Low-profile design that sits around 4 inches off of the ground in the fully retracted position. 


Built-in cradles increase the height of the jack in the fully retracted position. No padding on the top platform.

Liftmaster Center Lift

A unique motorcycle jack that has a few designs features other models lack.


Sports a cradled design for more stability along the base and top platform of the jack. Comes with a lifting lever.


The frame can experience a little flex and give when lifting heavy motorcycles. Lifting lever is slow to work.

Why Buy a Motorcycle Jack

Keep the bike balanced. Motorcycles are obviously tricky to work on given the two-wheel design of the bike, meaning it’s going to tip without any kind of support. Motorcycle jacks sit under a bike’s center of gravity and keep it balanced (front-to-back and side-to-side). Combined with the bike’s weight to hold it in place, the jack creates a stable setup to maintain the bike without having to support it yourself.

Lift the bike up. Jacks make maintenance easier by lifting a vehicle up to access the sides and undercarriage; motorcycle jacks are no different. A bike jack raises the motorcycle up so you can work without crouching down. The extra height also makes tire and wheel changes easy.

Store the jack in small spaces. When not in use, most motorcycle jack designs fold down into a compact profile. This makes it easy to store a jack nearly anywhere around a garage or workspace, keeping everything organized until you need to work on your bike once again.

Top Brands of Motorcycle Jacks


Motorcycle jacks from a garage door manufacturer? It might seem a little odd, but the company’s history of developing the lifter for garage doors has influenced the quality it infuses into scissor jacks like the Extra Wide Jack. Like its other products, its scissor jacks tend to break the mold a little with useful design features you will rarely find in competitive models.


Torin is a company that focuses on making things lift heavier things. As a producer of reliable service jacks, bottle jacks, scissor jacks, and jack stands, it has a whole line of useful products that make automotive maintenance safer. For motorcycle jacks, consider the Big Red Jack as a great option for general motorcycle maintenance and work.

So, check the above mentioned brands the best three motorcycle jacks mentioned above.

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