Best Motorcycle Backpack Reviews

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You’ve likely used a backpack since the first day you went to elementary school. It’s simple enough. Two straps, a bag, some internal pouches and zippers. Maybe yours featured a favorite superhero. Perhaps a bulked-up, high-octane wrestler, or an intergalactic purveyor of an unseen, yet highly compelling “force.” Either way, if you are reading this right now, chances are high that you have more than a little experience with the standard backpack. However, chances are much lower that you’ve had as much experience with backpacks that have been specifically crafted for motorcyclists.


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Without doing a scientific poll, there are probably more Kriega packs on RevZilla employees than any other brand. As a pioneer in fit and functionality for riders, Kriega packs are about as rock-solid as it gets in the world of moto-specific backpacks. Their lineup offers a wide range of sizes and styles, from the most rugged of long-range riders to the around-town business casual commuters.


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Having made their name with the no-drag Mach series of backpacks, OGIO backpacks are great for everyday riders who want reliable, streamlined options that are hassle-free and built specifically for those who make their way on two wheels.


Created in 1989, the Timbuk2 brand was initially built for bicyclists who wanted a sleek, reliable pack for everyday use. Quality is at the center of every Timbuk2 piece, and each bag comes with a lifetime guarantee on the manufacturing of the product. The Timbuk2 lineup consists of traditional packs, clam-shell packs, roll-top packs, and messenger-bag style options.


Founded by a group of MX/Enduro riders out of Sweden who were looking for a better backpack/hydration pack option, the big advancement from USWE comes by the way of the harness system that attaches the pack to your person. Designed specifically to keep the pack from riding up against the back of your neck while going hard on the pegs, the brand has developed packs that are put to use by ardent enthusiasts and daily commuters alike.

Best motorcycle backpacks for you

OK, so all of that being said, what’s the best motorcycle backpack for you? Well, the long and short of it is that it depends. There are a myriad of reasons why you might choose one option over another. Price, capacity, style, pockets, straps, etc., all play a role. What kind of riding are you doing? Will you want a hydration pack? How long will you be on the bike? How fast will your average speed be?

That being said, the key differentiators between the best motorcycle backpacks and any regular old backpack do matter, and they will absolutely make a difference in the quality of your ride. So keep them in your mind as you make your selection, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of riders, many of whom wear a motorcycle backpack every day, both on and off of the bike.

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