5 Excellent Motorcycle Racing Leather Suits

Motorcycle Racing Leather

Motorcycle racing has its excitement on the track; it is going legitimate justification to dress up in skin-tight leather. You will be happy to have the cheapest suit, but wait and see to suit and determine if it gives you the required safety. While shopping, I spent a bit more and made a knowledgeable investment regarding the suit. A good Racing leather suit presents you with all the latest airbag technology from Dainese, Alpinestars, as it keeps you one broken collarbone or worse; maybe you wish to have more safety. Then, in that case. I made a list of suits with their manufactures, all of them are more affordable suits, and women size suits are too available.

Best Motorcycle Racing Leather Suits

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1. Alpinestars Racing Absolute

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This Alpinestars latest and best 100% kangaroo suit, which provides you the Air compatible. It provides shielding technology available for riders. This leather suit is used in the regions that are more prone to high abrasion: Knees, shoulder, elbows, seat, forearm, and the sides of the back; it has dual-leather layers. This racing fit provides absolute premium-grade 1.1mm – kangaroo leather gives the rider high levels of abrasion resistance, flexibility, lightness, and breathability. This helps in decreasing the heat and converting the rider.

2. Dainese Misano 2 D- Air Perforated Race Suit

Dainese Misano 2 D-Air suit includes a system for airbag security over the shoulder, neck, Ribs, Collarbones. Like the tech-air system from Alpinestars, the D-air didn’t rely on the material tethers and operated electronically upon detection of a crash. As for the suit itself, installation is entirely of cowhide, and revised inserts along the inner knee area provide a positive intermediary with your bike. You will find stretch panels along the back, sides, and knees to allow natural movement, and aluminum protectors are seamlessly placed along the elbow, shoulder, and knees to help promote sliding in a fall, which beats tumbling. The rider will sense safety when they get to know that Misono 2 comes equipped with elbow sliders.

3. Heroic Stage III Custom Pro Professional Race Suit

There are many independent retailers/manufacturers of leather suits in New York, and the US – Based Heroic Racing Apparel (HRA) is a common one among track day goers nationwide, largely because they offer suits custom-tailors based on your precise measurement. Sampled here are the premier stages II suits, but as you can possibly guess, two lower stages are also available for less money. Stage III is made entirely from 0.8mm- 1.1mm kangaroo leather and can weigh as little as eight pounds.

4. Cortech Adrenaline Rr One-piece Race Suit

This suit is used by many Moto American racers and also recommended by guys with dad bods; the Adrenaline RR suit from Cortech features a seamless design in the legs, external armor with aluminum slider in the shoulders and elbows, and accordion stretch panels throughout for an excellent range of motion. Its construction from 1.2mm-1.4mm cowhide and CE-approved shoulder, elbow, and knee protectors are included. To help in comfort for the proper riding position, the shoulders are rotated and legs pre-curved.

5. BMW Pro Race Suit

The German understands their motorsports and cows, as well as how to give a little restraint. A suave perforated Napa leather exterior contains armor at the shoulder, hips, knees, elbows, and the suit’s ready to accept BMW’s optional Long NP Pro back protector. Special 3D “spacer” fabric lines the back to help keep air circulating, while strategically placed stretch panels move around on your bike station-free. Naturally, we’re CE-certified, and there’s an inside pocket – sorely missed on some suits when you’re riding on the street.


Above mentioned are the amazing motorcycle racing suits, which surely help you in your comfort, style. Buy these Motorcycle Racing suits and make a difference.

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