3 Top-Rated And Best Standard Motorcycle Of All Time

standard motorcycle

The standard motorcycle is the oldest motorcycle that manufacturers have been producing. A standard motorcycle combines an upright seating position with the handlebar conveniently away from the rider. It has a riding position midway between the forward position and the reclined arrangement of a cruiser, putting the rider in a very comfortable position, not unlike a low dirtbike. The foot controls fall right underneath or a little forward of the rider. Various standard motorcycle features classic ’60s and ’70s styling with updates for technology, comfort, and performance. Other standards like Husqvarna’s Vitpilen and Svartpilen show a slightly different take on a modern standard motorcycle. A standard motorcycle often comes with little or no fairing and minimal bodywork. 2020 was a massive year for the standard motorcycle. It appeared like everyone last year was looking for recreation. A popular choice was these standard motorcycles. These are some of the most versatile, general-purpose asphalt motorcycles. A standard motorcycle is popular for commuting and another city riding, as the upright riding position is extremely comfortable and offers greater visibility in traffic. These top-rated motorcycles are the ones that will make you buy them for amazing rides. 

Know About The Best Standard Motorcycles Of Your Choice 

Standard Motorcycle

The standard motorcycle is relatively easy to spot with its more-upright-riding-style and stripped-down fairings. Here, get to know about the best standard motorcycles from the top-rated brands of all time. 

Kawasaki Z125 PRO

Standard Motorcycle

The title of most sold standard motorcycle goes small-in-size but big-on-fun, Kawasaki Z125 PRO. A motorcycle that turns heads wherever it goes is a nimble streetfighter. An upright riding position, a low seat height, and responsive street tires make every ride a fun experience for you. The 4-speed manual transmission provides enhanced sport riding performance combined with smooth power delivery and quick acceleration. 

Honda Grom 125

Like the previous one, this little bike with a great fuel economy and sportbike styling is a top pick for many. Sold under various model numbers, the Grom is suitable for those looking for a fun ride or new to two wheels. It might not be safe on a busy highway, but also it is not made for that. It is more of a spunky small bike on steroids, which offers impressive mileage. 

Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha MT-07 is a standard motorcycle that consistently punches above its weight. Whether used as a project bike, a daily ride, or a first bike, the MT-07 can easily slide into any role and defies any categorization. It also defines the number and feels robust, with a strong midrange. Also, it is highly worth the offered price. 


This excellent article brings you fantastic information regarding the top-rated standard motorcycle of all time. You must buy the one most suitable for you. Share your views! 

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